2018 Local & National CLC Events:

February 24th - Moto Exotica (NEW) - 11am to 1pm ...Please bring a chair ...Lunch Afterwards at Local Restuarant!!

March 17th - Hyman Ltd. - 11am to 1pm ...Please bring a chair ...Lunch Afterwards at Local Restaurant!!

April 1st - Easter Car Show in Forest Park - Club Group Event

April 21st - ELCO Cadillac Show - 9am to 3pm ...New Event!!!

May 20th - CLC Picnic at Quail Ridge Park #2 Shelter

June 5th - 9th - Grand National in San Marcos, Texas

June 16th - Seekamp/Baker Home  - Historic Home & Private Car Collection (NEW) - 11am to 2pm - Lunch Provided

July 25th - Mann's Restoration (NEW) - 6pm to 8pm - Evening Snack Provided

August 22nd - St. Louis Car Museum - 6pm to 8pm - Evening Snack Provided

September 9th - Wheels In Motion Car Show Kids with Cancer Charity Event - Club Group Event!!

September 15th or 29th - PRIVATE CAR COLLECTION - Details coming Soon!!!

Fall Driving Tour - Springfield, IL - Details coming Soon!!!

October 7th - Annual CLC Show at Faust Park

November 14th - Annual New Cadillac Car Review at ELCO Cadillac - 6pm to 8pm



Other Local & National Car Related Events:

February 17th - 3rd Annual CCCA Classic Car Trivia Night at Moolah Shrine Center

June 17th - HCCMO Fathers Day Car Show at MOT

September 16th - HCCMO Swap Meet and Car Show at Hollywood Casino

September 30th - Oktoberfest Car Show in Old Town St. Charles

October 10th - 13th AACA Hershey, PA Swap Meet and Car Show



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