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Cadillac and LaSalle Club National and St. Louis Region Membership Information

Cadillac and LaSalle Club membership is for anyone who has an interest in the marquee. It is not necessary to own a Cadillac or LaSalle to be a member. In order to be a member of the St. Louis Region it is, however, mandatory to join the national organization.

The national, The Cadillac and LaSalle Club, Inc., publishes a monthly professionally-produced magazine full of photographs, articles, technical information, cars and parts for sale, as well as a yearly directory listing all national and region members and their Cadillac’s. The St. Louis Region meets monthly at various locations, holds an annual show, and publishes a monthly newsletter. Regional dues are $15 per year.

If you wish to have more information about the club please contact St. Louis Region Director or the Secretary. They will mail you an information package telling you about the club in more detail and will include the membership application forms for both the national and regional organizations. Alternatively, if you feel you know enough about the club and wish to join immediately, you may download both forms from this website and mail both along with two separate checks, one made out to the Cadillac LaSalle Club, Inc. and one to the St. Louis Region CLC. Please note, you must send two separate checks, the $15 region check will enroll you in the St. Louis Region, and a second based on your selection from the national application. The applications will be forwarded to national verifying back to the local CLC that you have indeed joined the national organization.

Send the applications to:

George Bergen - Secretary/Editor
St. Louis Region CLC

1037 Wood Ave.
Kirkwood, MO 63122

National Membership Application
Adobe Acrobat document [290.9 KB]
Local Membership Application
Adobe Acrobat document [1'004.2 KB]

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